Cycling is a great way to have both fun and exercise. We provide with all kinds of events such as races, leisure rides, organised rides and so on. You can join us and start your journey.
Old Smithfield Nocturne

Smithfield Nocturne is a cycling race that takes place in London. Its beginning dates back to 2007 when it comes to men and to 2009 when it comes to women. The first man to win this race was James, one of the founders of and the first woman was Hannah Barnes who kept winning until 2013.

Smithfield Nocturne Today
In 2018, the race was run in Cheapside, on Saturday, 9th of June. There have been some changes of parcours, but it all went smoothly. The schedule was busy, events started at 14:00 and closed at 22:20. Something new was a competition for the best bike, cycling style and the classiest entry.
Our Races

London Youth & Juniors Race Day

This is a Cyclo-Cross race for riders that are under the age of 16. It starts soon, on the 14th of April. If you fulfil the requirements, join us and show us what you got.

Gosport BMX Go-Ride Summer Series

The event type is BMX. There are different age groups and once you choose yours, you will have to compete in the same one for the whole year. In other words, choose wisely.

Dash Trophies Veteran's & Women's

If you are a veteran or a woman and love to race, come and compete. We organized this race especially for you. It is categorised as a Cycle Speedway.  It will take place on Saturday, 20th of April.
Our Achievements

Young and Active

Nowadays, the young population isn’t quite physically active. We are proud to say that we managed to engage a lot of them into this outdoor activity.

Encouraging Everyone

Professionals aren’t the only ones involved. Fans are riders are more than welcome to participate. Our community is getting bigger and better every day.

Acquiring True Values

Volunteering is a great way to learn about helping others and get in touch with a big number of people who are equally giving.

From a Fan to a Professional

Some of our cycling fans have turned this hobby into something more. They are a great example that anything is possible as long as you try.
First of all, the organization was impeccable. They tried their best to make it, apart from functional, a joyful experience. The competitors didn’t have a dull face, even if they lost. They were happy to be a part of it, no matter the result.
Pol Smith
The atmosphere was nice and people were friendly. If you needed any help, you got it right away. Volunteers were enthusiastic and they influenced others with their positivity and spirit. So many young people were involved. It was a breath of fresh air.
Nick Young
Usually, when you are competing, in any sport, the tension is always in the air. To be honest, I didn’t feel any of it. I enjoyed myself while racing and I believe everyone else did, as well. I can’t wait for a next time.
Danny Hobs
Frequently asked questions
What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Member?
Many of our fans are interested in becoming members, but they are uncertain of the benefits they will require by becoming one. For example, if there is a major event, you will have a priority in accessing it. Also, you will get a discount on bike insurance.
When Do I Need a Full Race License?
Full race license is required if you want to compete in bike races. It isn’t always needed, but most of the times it is, especially if you plan to road and track race. The process of getting one is simple.
How much it Costs to be a Member?
It depends on the package you choose since we offer 4. Race package varies from 25 to 77 pounds a year. Ride package is 41 pounds a year, Commute package is 37 pounds, while the Fan package cost 24 pounds a year.
How Much Does the Full Race License Cost?
This is something that also varies depending on your age. Kids that are under the age of 12 or between 12 and 16, get it for free. Junior License, from 16 to 18, cost 20 pounds while the Senior License is 40 pounds.
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