First, let’s get acquainted with this interesting type of a bike. As the name says, a folding bike can be folded into a form that’s compacted. Because of that, it can be easily transported and stored. They don’t require much strength to be carried around when they are folded. Also, they don’t take up as much space as regular bikes. Carrying a bike up the starts can be a real hassle, that’s why a folding bike is a great choice or an alternative. When it comes to its folding mechanism, it can vary. Every bike is different. It has a distinctive weight, price, durability, compactness, folding ease etc. They require a bigger number of parts, thus they can cost more than non-folding models.

Folding Bike Race

post1bThe folding bike race is, naturally, a race only for riders that are competing with their folding bikes. Since there are all kinds of races with regular bikes, there is no reason to have a race like this. It is something different and fun to watch. They are, maybe, not popular and attended as other races, but the interest for them is raising. There are more folding bike riders than they were before. As time is going by, their number is getting bigger, the same as the number of folding bike race fans.

More about It

The surface on which folding bike race is held is mixed, which makes it more challenging and interesting. The length of the surface is about 2 or 3 miles and the race lasts 20 minutes. It can be held as a part of a festival, so the number of entries can vary. Entry number can make a difference on the race itself. Sometimes, there can be finals and heats in this competition. Also, competitors can win different prizes, depending on a specific classification.

Our Folding Bike Races

psot1aThere are many events that regard this type of race. We provide with all cycle disciplines so everyone can have a chance to compete in what they like the most. Every discipline is special and equally important to us cycle lovers. Therefore, folding bike races aren’t an exception. Riders can compete in all categories and in different places. There are a lot of tracks organized for this type of event. We are, also, always working on encouraging more and more people to take on this activity and make it a habit. Cycling is an amazing sport, as well as a healthy daily or regular activity. Bikers who own a folding bike can, too, show off their capabilities and cycling skills.

Look it up

For anyone who is interested in participating in a folding bike race, but doesn’t know where and when they are held, you can visit our page and look it up. Maybe they are closer than you think. It is an easy way to get informed and be on track. New events are always posted with all the information you need. All you have to do is get ready, come and compete!