Inter Schools Challenge was a part of the Smithfield Nocturne cycling event that was held in London on the 7th of June. The competitors were selected Primary Schools from London. They competed in a roller racing knockout competition. One of the schools did amazingly well since its students won both boys and girls competition. Lilani Vanelast, the winner of a girl competition and Iago O’Flynn, winner of the boy competition, are students in Rosendale Primary School. After the competition, Hayles, triple Olympic medallist, gave a speech in front of the students. He, also, presented a reward to the winners for their results. They were given a special experience of meeting an Olympic athlete, him. Who knows, maybe one day they will become successful bikers and Olympic athletes.

Smart Initiative

post2aCompetitors and Hayles took photos together, but it didn’t last for too long. As it usually happens, famous people are always asked to give autographs to their fans. Luckily, everything went well and Hayles managed to stay on top of the situation. He, also, liked this cycling initiative and thought it was a good move. He added how he used to race at Crystal Palace when he started. That experience influenced him and helped his development as a cyclist. This Challenge was a great way to gather young people for a better cause which is a sport, and he enjoyed meeting young competitors. Hayles continued talking about the importance of such an initiative since it is a great opportunity for the kids. It can help them develop or simply get into this activity. Thus, he hopes this kind of events won’t stop, rather increase.

There is No Stopping

Hayles thoughts and wishes were shared with the organizers, as well. Smithfield Nocturne has a plan, and that is to develop the Inter Schools Challenge. They want to introduce it to others across the London.