The year 2007 was the Smithfield Nocturne beginning. This event, held on 23rd of June, proved to be a successful one. They even won a Bronze in the Visit London Sports Tourism Award. There aren’t many events that shine from the very beginning, but the Smithfield Nocturne made it. What makes that even more fascinating is the fact that it rained that day. Nevertheless, a little rain failed to ruin race success. The organization was careful and impeccable, so nothing went wrong. The crowd numbered more than 5000 people and they were all gathered at Smithfield market. They watched and supported 200 cyclists who competed in five different races. The races were: Elite Criterium, Regional A, All Star, Folding Bike and Courier race. Overall, it was a successful day and everyone enjoyed it. Face Partnership proved themselves as professional and impressive. They have started off great.

The Winners

post3aSince there were five races, there were five winners. James McCallum won in Elite Criterium, Craig Stevens was the winner in Regional A, Ben Wilson proved as an All Star, Richard Bailey took the first place in Folding Bike, and finally, Creative Couriers were the lead in Courier Race. All of the races were a great entertainment, and they will be certainly remembered. The winners received their awards on Thursday, 27th of November. They showed off their skills and deserved great results. Another proof of how well this event went, is it came just behind the Tour de France Grand and Arsenal Stadium. It came face to face with big and accomplished competitions. They already had established their names and Smithfield Nocturne got close to them with just one try. That speaks a lot about its organization and dedication.

The Second Smithfield Nocturne

Since the first was successful, there is no stopping now. This event will continue to exist and the riders will have another chance to prove themselves in 2008. Races will take place on Saturday, 7th of June. There is no much information about it, but there is no doubt it will do great as the first time. It will be interesting to see the cyclist compete again. There will definitely be changes among the competitors, some of them won’t compete, and maybe we can expect new faces. All in all, it will be an exciting event. Cycling fans have something to look forward to. The first time there were 5000 spectators, so it will be interesting to see how many will come the second time.

More Information

post3bFor anyone who is interested in more details about the first Smithfield Nocturne, go to Visit London Awards. They have a full list of winners. Since it was such a memorable event, it is important to stay remembered. Cyclists got an opportunity to be a part of an important competition, and the names of the winners will surely stay relevant. Apart from competitors, spectators, also, enjoyed. They made this event even more grandiose since the number was not irrelevant at all. One thing is sure, everyone will remember it.